Crazy modified Rolls-Royce heads to auction

What do you think of when you picture a Rolls-Royce? Quiet, ostentatious luxury? Not with this car. In fact, this 1979 Silver Shadow II – currently up for auction – looks as if it might be more at home in a Mad Max movie than outside a stately home.

It's been extensively modified both on the outside and under the skin. Originally sold by Beverly Hills Rolls-Royce, it lived its first life in California and Las Vegas as a respectable, luxurious Roller. However, when the current owner purchased it from an estate sale, he decided to apply a few modifications...

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The engine is the same 6.75-litre V8 as the original car, but it's had a massive twin-scroll turbocharger bolted on. It's mated to a four-speed manual transmission, which is a world away from the slushy automatic it would have had originally.

A massive intercooler is fitted to the front of the car, and pipework runs across the exterior to a boot-mounted radiator. The car rides on 19-inch wheels pinched from a Porsche Panamera, sits on custom suspension, and the rear differential has been welded shut for terrifying, smoky tailslides.

Inside, the once beautiful dash has been cannibalised, and an aircraft boost gauge has been fitted. The massive leather bench front seat has been replaced with two Sparco racing buckets. Changing gear is taken care of with a posable painters dummy in place of a gearknob.

Heating and air-conditioning is no longer fitted, but the seller notes that the electric windows and parking brake 'remain functional.

The auction ends on January 10.

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