Cold spell causes chaos on Michigan highways

A fully-blown whiteout in Michigan has led to serious issues on the roads, as multiple vehicle pileups abound on the snow-covered highways. Sue and Jim Perrault captured an ongoing 40-car pileup on US.31 near Muskegon, Michigan, while trapped inside their own pickup truck.

After running off the road and becoming stuck in a deep drift, the Perraults whipped out their phone camera and began filming the carnage. Car after car came barrelling down the highway at speed, with most losing control on the slippery surface and slamming into the back of the already-crashed vehicles.

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Some motorists decided instead to head for the deep drifts at the side of the road, avoiding the worst of the crash, but becoming stuck in deep snow instead.

The Perrault's truck was hit by three oncoming vehicles as they sat recording. Sue said that being stuck was nerve-wracking: "All I could see was the cars coming in, just crashing one after another."

The couple stressed the importance of remaining in your vehicle if you're caught in a similar situation. "We were hit three times," said Jim. "Staying in the vehicle is the safest thing to do, because it's the only protection you have."

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