Mini takes personalisation to a new level with unique 3D-printed accessories

The Mini range is already one of the most customisable and individual in the motoring world – with customers of the brand able to specify a vast range of colour, trim, and interior options. For 2018, though, the brand is stepping the personalisation game up a notch, with the launch of Mini Yours Customised.

This online portal will allow customers to design their own items, which the company can create using 3D printing and laser cutting. Want your name written on the inlays of the side indicator repeaters? Easy. How about a custom design for the dashboard inserts, or personalised sill plates when you open the door? Mini can do that.

Mini's 3D-printed car accessories
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Mini's 3D-printed car accessories

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Perhaps the most spectacular (or ridiculous, depending on your outlook) are the projector lamps under the car's mirrors. Mini can engrave your own design into the lamp, so that your car displays a unique pattern on the ground as you enter and exit.

The firm's used a welcome signature as an example in its own images, but says a wide variety of text and icons are available – and customers can even choose different designs for the driver and passenger side of the vehicle.

The various additions will be created with a combination of 3D printing and laser engraving, and production will take place in Germany. A range of finishes are available, as well as white, red, black or silver colour options.

Mini says that all the items are easy enough to fit that customers can do it themselves at home; alternatively, they can bring their cars into a dealer for fitting. The items are also fully removable, so heavily personalised cars can be returned to factory spec for resale – or updated, to move with the latest fashions.

The customised products will become available for different Mini models throughout 2018.

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