Britain's most expensive street revealed

Britain's most expensive street revealed

Britain's most expensive street has been revealed - and there's no prizes for guessing which city it's in.

Grosvenor Crescent, in the heart of London's Belgravia, is the priciest street, where a property will set you back around £17 million, says research by Lloyds Bank.

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The area is near Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Knightsbridge, and the average price of a house here is £16,918,000.

Last year's most expensive street, Eaton Square, is now in at third place on the list, with an average price of £13, 585,000, reports ITV News.

The top six most expensive streets are in London, but where are the expensive streets elsewhere?

In the north west, the top spots are located in Alderley Edge, Altrincham, and Knutsford. Congleton Road in Alderley Edge is the most expensive street with homes selling, on average, for £1,985,000

In the north east, Runnymede Road in Newcastle is the most expensive at £1,111,000, while over in Yorkshire and the Humber, the priciest streets make up the "golden triangle" between Harrogate, Wetherby and north Leeds, with the most expensive homes averaging £1,545,000 on Fulwith Mill Lane in Harrogate.

In East Anglia, Millington Road in Cambridge is top, with prices at £2,030,000, and in the south east the East Road in Weybridge is very well-heeled with an average property price of £5,053,000, the most expensive street outside London.

There is only one million-pound street in the whole of Wales, and the rich-list head to St Annes Close in Swansea for top properties,

The Lloyds Bank research found a total of 73 'million-pound streets' across England and Wales, where the average property is worth at least a million.

The top 10 most expensive streets in the country are:

1 - Grosvenor Crescent, Westminster, London, SW1X - £16,918,000
2 - Ilchester Place, Kensington and Chelsea, London, W14 - £16,700,000
3 - Eaton Square, Westminster, London, SW1W - £13,585,000
4 - Chester Square, Westminster, London, SW1W - £12,534,000
5 - Carlyle Square, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW3 - £11,618,000
6 - Kensington Road, Kensington and Chelsea, London, W8 - £10,185,000
7 - East Road, Weybridge, South East, KT13 - £5,053,000
8 - The Green, Richmond, London, TW9 -£4,706,000
9 - West Road, Weybridge, South East, KT13 - £4,578,000
10 - Charlbury Road, Oxford, South East, OX2 - £4,470,000

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