Romans revolt over 'ugly, balding' Christmas tree

Romans have reacted in disgust to the city's official Christmas tree offering this year.

Residents of the Italian capital have dubbed the 70ft tree "Spelacchio", which translates as mangy or baldy.

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Some locals have even gone so far as to compare the fir, which stands in Rome's main square Piazza Venezia, to a giant toilet brush.

Despite its 600 silver baubles, the branches are noticeably bare with over half the pine needles appear to have already dropped off.


Outrage over the festive decoration has been exacerbated by the fact it cost 48,000 euros (£42,550) to transport the tree from the Italian Alpine region of South Tyrol.

The huge cost comes after city's officials have been criticised in recent months for lack of spending on public services, such as refuge collection and parks.

Mayor Virginia Raggi has defended the tree, claiming it is "simple and refined".

A subsequent investigation found it wasn't "loaded correctly" for transportation to the Eternal City, despite being in "optimum condition" when it left the forest.

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