Company creates gizmo that allows drivers to display emojis

In today's bustling world of smartphones, GIFs and social media, the tried-and-tested raised hand or thumbs-up to a friendly fellow motorist is no longer good enough.

No, in today's world we must all stick a special gizmo in the back of our motorcar that displays cute winking emojis and digital animations to anyone following.

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This is the slightly disturbing vision of Innovart's CarWink, a Kickstarter project that sees a solar-powered digital display unit sucker-mounted to the rear window of a vehicle.

When tethered to a smartphone, CarWink subsequently displays an array of different animations and emojis to the vehicle following behind.

To avoid driver distraction, the tech harnesses the power of Android and iOS voice commands, meaning drivers can utter phrases like 'pedestrian ahead' and CarWink will display a little pedestrian crossing animation on its screen.

According to CarWink's makers, the technology "sets out to break the boundary between vehicles by using simple and pure communication methods," while a handy but incredibly cheesy video on the firm's Kickstarter page offers some scenarios where the tech could come in handy.

For example, should someone kindly let you out of a junction, it's possible to display an animated thumbs-up or a smiling sun with the words 'have a great day' slowly scrolling underneath.

There are also animations and emojis for 'road works ahead', 'baby on-board' and even a flirtatious winking face. There's no word on whether a two-fingered salute will be available at launch.

The campaign has already exceeded its $80,000 goal, with a final prototype due to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early in 2018.

First units are set to arrive in the US in the middle of next year, with prices starting at $120 (£90).

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