Uber set to be banned from another major UK city

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Uber is to be banned in another UK city after civic chiefs rejected an application to renew its licence.

City of York Council rebuffed the firm's approach amid concerns over the number of complaints received.

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The company's current 12-month licence is due to expire on Christmas Eve.

It is the third major city to ban the ride-hailing firm, which comes just months after Transport for London claimed it was not 'fit and proper' and stripped it of its permit to operate in the capital.

At a meeting of York council's gambling, licencing and regulatory committee last night, councillors also concluded that the firm was not fit and proper. It was heard that 155 complaints were made about Uber since December 2016.

A data breach was also cited as a reason to refuse the application.

The cyber attack, which affected 57 million customers and drivers worldwide, was not initially reported by the company, and prompted widespread criticism.

It is not yet known if Uber will appeal the latest decision.

File photo dated 31/08/16 of an Uber car. Uber is expected to begin its appeal against Transport for London's decision to deny it a new operating licence in the capital.

According to the Yorkshire Post, committee member Cllr Dave Taylor: 'This city needs to have control of its taxi services and it needs to have a level playing field.

"I don't think that we can license a company which directs drivers to go around the houses, pumping up fair for customers, that tries to claim it has no liability for any claims, demands or losses, which claims to have a local office but never seems to staff it and the number of complaints against them is so high.

"I think those are the grounds on which we can refuse this licence."

Earlier today the firm was given the green light to again operate in Sheffield after it was suspended two weeks ago.

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