Santa Claus skids car to a halt to save woman who slipped on ice

Father Christmas has been caught on camera jumping out of his car to come to the aid of a woman who had slipped on an icy section of pavement.

Dashcam footage shows the woman walking along the side of the road when she slips and falls over, dropping her bags.

Almost immediately, the Volvo in front of the filming car slams its brakes on and slides to a stop. A man dressed as Santa Claus can then be seen jumping out of the car and rushing to help the fallen woman back up.

Dave Cordoza, who captured the amusing incident on his dashcam near a Tesco in Watford, uploaded the footage to YouTube.

He commented: "Coming out of Tesco, I caught this kind act on my dashcam. I did laugh when Santa popped out of the car. The woman seemed to be okay."

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