Video captures man ejected through the windscreen of his lorry

In the early days of seatbelts in cars, some pressure groups claimed it was safer not to wear one – with the theory being that in the event of a collision, you'd be thrown clear of the danger.

That theory has of course been very thoroughly debunked, but it seems to hold true in this video, which captured a lorry driver dangling from his cab, having been thrown through his windscreen after a crash.

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The footage was captured on dashcam, and appears to hail from Russia or Eastern Europe. The filming vehicle is travelling along a road behind a lorry, which begins to make a turn into a side road.

However, the driver misjudged the gap he had in which to make the turn, and another heavy lorry smashed into the vehicle's flank. The driver of the stricken vehicle was thrown from his seat and smashed through his own windscreen.

Luckily, he appeared to escape almost totally unharmed, and even landed on his feet. The same can't be said of his truck, which took the brunt of the high-speed impact and was left with a completely smashed cab.

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