Watch an impatient driver get a lesson in karma

A driver in Moscow found out to their cost that refusing to wait in line could cost you dearly, as footage captured on dashcam shows the moment an impatient overtake goes horribly wrong.

The car with the camera is seen following traffic at a respectable distance. It pauses, allowing a BMW X6 to pull out into the road, and leaves it plenty of room to do so.

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But the wait is too long for the driver of a BMW 5 Series following behind, and its driver attempts to undertake more patient motorists.

What happens next shows that patience truly is a virtue. The camera car accelerates to cut the BMW off, to which it responds by gunning the throttle. It loses control, and slams into the SUV in front, which had slowed to turn into a junction.

The car with the camera continues on its way, the occupants presumably grinning with mirth at such a display of karma in action.

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