Warehouse thieves foiled by forklift drivers

In a brilliant display of teamwork, forklift truck drivers at a warehouse in the Czech Republic have been caught on camera preventing criminals from driving away.

The footage, captured on the site's CCTV cameras, shows a small Renault saloon attempting to escape after stealing tools from an unattended van.

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The Renault first pulled into a parking bay alongside the van, before its passengers stole tools from the unattended vehicle's load area. The men were caught in the act, but managed to fight their way away from the van's owners.

But the perfect heist simply wasn't to be, and the warehouse's fleet of forklift trucks sprang into action. One blocked the Renault's escape from the end of the depot, leaving enough time for an operator to leap into another forklift and block the vehicle's escape from the other direction.

A third vehicle then boxes the car in, leaving the thieves sitting ducks. They were later detained by the police.

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