That's not supposed to happen! Driver captures road gritter on its roof

When the weather gets cold, we rely on a fleet of snowploughs and gritters to keep the main roads clear and protect us from the worst that winter has to offer.

But who protects the protectors? That's the question dairy farmer Martin Waring found himself asking this weekend, as he captured a council gritter in a rather compromising position – upside down!

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Posting a video clip of the gritter on Twitter, he captioned it: "What hope is there for the rest of us now!" The Twitter community was quick to leap on the film, with one comment suggesting it could be construed as fly-tipping.

However, commenters were also keen to point out that Waring appeared to be filming from behind the wheel of his own, moving vehicle – a recipe for disaster, and one that could risk points on his license, a hefty fine, and even a possible driving ban if an accident occurred.

The message is clear – don't use a phone and drive, especially if you have concrete evidence that the roads in your area may not be gritted as effectively as you might hope.

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