Dashcam footage shows overconfident overtaker spin 180 degrees

The surge in dashcam ownership has captured thousands of poor overtaking manoeuvres in recent years – but this could be one of the worst yet.

Captured on a British country lane, the footage shows a Vauxhall Corsa overtaking at least two cars on a completely blind bend at high speed. To make matters worse, the road is narrow, and is on the approach to a village – with a 30mph speed limit in place.

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The Corsa rounds the two vehicles, including the camera car, but loses grip on a greasy section of road. It then performs a spectacular spin, coming to a halt facing traffic – and dangerously close to a T-junction.

The driver then performs a three-point turn and continues on their way as if nothing had happened.

Statistics from road safety charity Brake reported that in 2015, one in seven motorists had been forced to swerve, pull over or brake to avoid a risky or aggressive overtake, while 94 per cent had witnessed one. This footage is certainly another example to add to the list.

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