Watch woman escape violent car thief at traffic lights

CCTV footage has captured a violent altercation between a thief and a woman stopped at traffic lights in China.

At the start of the video, a black saloon pulls up to the lights, before a man jumps out of the rear of the vehicle.

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He then approaches a grey Honda CR-V before violently smashing the front window of the SUV. The thief then repeatedly tries to grab something from the car, before jumping half into the window, much to the panic of the female driver.

He keeps violently trying to steal something out of the Honda, before the driver of the SUV decides to flee.

However, he is still attached to the car once she puts her foot down, meaning he gets dragged along the road before he falls off the SUV in the middle of a busy junction.

The incident happened in Qinzhou City in southern Guangxi, an autonomous region of China, on November 21.

At the end of the video, it shows police footage of the thief being arrested in a hotel room two days later.

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