Team of skydivers ride a car out of a plane

Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating sports you can take part in – but it's never had much of a link with motorsport. Now though, a team of American skydivers has joined their love of flight with their love of a 1980s Toyota, and celebrated by launching one out of a plane.

Mission X, a skydiving team from Texas, undertook the dive over the desert of Arizona. According to the team, the stunt had been a dream of one member for 10 years.

They began by purchasing the car from a salvage yard, before painting it with a brightly coloured Donald Trump motif. "With such a cool stunt like this none of us wanted to throw out a dim, sad looking car, so we asked a graffiti artist in Houston to spice them up.

"One of the team members wanted to paint a Trump themed car and we loved the idea. Howie, the artist, did an amazing job creating a painting on the side of the car of a Trump knight with his iconic hair, and the U.S flag as his sword and Trump 2020 on the hood.

"Most of the organizers of this stunt are Trump supporters, however there were many people involved that are not Trump supporters and range all the way from the left to the right," they said.

Most of the team started the jump riding inside the car, but were thrown out after around 15 seconds as it began to buck and spin uncontrollably. Luckily, nobody suffered major injuries, and Mission X can confidently call this dive a success.

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