Unlucky bobcat spends Thanksgiving wedged in car grille

One distressed bobcat found itself taking a rather longer journey that it anticipated, after being hit by a car and transported on a 50-mile road trip. The unlucky animal found itself caught in the grille of a woman's Toyota Prius and was forced to travel with her to work through Gloucester, Virginia.

Workers from Richmond's Animal Care and Control centre helped the woman safely remove her feline passenger from the car, and took it to the Wildlife Centre of Virginia for a checkup.

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Christie Peters, of RACC, said: "I'd just finished making a chocolate pie, got the call and was like, 'Dad, do you want to help me get a bobcat out of a car grille?'"

Luckily for the fluffy hitchhiker, it suffered no major injuries – just a scrape on its back. The woman's car was less lucky, and suffered damage to the front grille. Both managed to celebrate their Thanksgiving eventually. The RACC plans to release the animal back into the wild very soon.

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