Watch as thieves steal £30k+ Mercedes from driveway in seconds

Footage has emerged of an advanced new car theft method being used in the UK.

CCTV footage from a resident of Solihull, West Midlands shows two thieves stealing a Mercedes C-Class worth over £30,000 without use of the car's key. They accomplished this using two examples of a gadget known as a 'relay box', which can override the car's security system.

The thieves used the first device to intercept the signal from the key – which was inside the owner's house - and transfer it to the second. The second device was then used to relay the signal to the car, unlocking it and allowing the engine to be started without the key being present. The car was then driven away.

The incident happened during the night of September 24, and the Mercedes is yet to have been located or recovered.

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This new breed of crime has become an issue since keyless start technology entered the car market towards the end of the 2000's. And, with more new cars no longer relying on a manual, keyed ignition, this particular method is on the rise.

In light of this particular incident, Mark Silvester from West Midlands Police's crime reduction team told the Coventry Telegraph: "To protect against this type of theft, owners can use an additional tested and Thatcham-approved steering lock to cover the entire steering wheel.

"We also recommend Thatcham-approved tracking solutions fitted to the vehicle.

"It is always worth speaking to your main dealer, to ensure that your car has had all the latest software updates and talk through security concerns with them."

Cars with manual ignitions cannot be started via the use of a relay box.

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