Suspect arrested after trying to break into vehicle with Deputies inside

A man in Florida made the Police's life rather simple when he attempted to break into an unmarked police vehicle with two deputies inside.

Stephen Titland, 49, attempted to break into an unmarked Pasco County Sheriff's office vehicle on November 15, not realising that the force's deputies were sat in the vehicle at the time.

A post on Facebook from the force regarding Titland's attempted break-in stated: "Titland attempted to burglarise an unmarked Pasco Sheriff's Office vehicle on Murrow Street in New Port Richey. This vehicle was occupied by the Strategic Targeted Area Response team during the incident and Titland was arrested."

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The unmarked vehicle was parked on Murrow Street in Pasco after Titland had been seen trying to get inside seven other cars on nearby Hawbuck Street on the previous night.

Titland was arrested for all seven previous attempted burglaries.

If that won't put Mr. Titland off trying to break into cars again, we're not sure what will!

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