Gameshow winner encourages women to travel the world solo

This gameshow contestant wants women to travel the world on their own.

Merve Usta, 28, won a Turkish gameshow and used her $4,000 winnings to explore the world. In less than three years, Merve has visited three continents, 23 countries, and 90 cities.

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She documents everything on Instagram to inspire others. Rampant street harassment in Turkey has led women to refrain from travelling alone both in and out of the country.

Merve's followers use her hashtag to post pictures from their trips to show her the impact she's had on their lives. See more in the video above.

Your best solo holiday destinations
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Your best solo holiday destinations
"New York always has places to see and people to meet". Nicki Banister
"China was much better than I imagined, especially the Great wall" Gerard Shields
"I went to Southern Italy one year. Great! No-one to consult about what to do except me!" Ruth Dixon
"I've been to Orlando three times: twice for ten days and once for 21 days, and also on a cruise. I had a great time. You always find people to talk to." Joanne Gilbert
"I'm going to Borneo in a couple of weeks alone and looking forward to it. I've travelled solo before and really enjoyed it. If you travel alone you're guaranteed to meet people." James Clark
"I went to New Zealand for three months. I bought a campervan in Auckland and toured both the North and South Islands on my own and loved every second of the trip". Patrick Bell
"I have travelled widely by myself including to South America and the Caribbean. I have met some amazing people." Pamela Roper
"I have been to Northern Cyprus with a company that specialises in holidays for lone travellers. It was great as I could do my own thing but still had people to talk to or spend time with if I wanted." Mary Fuller
"I've been on two now: sailing in Greece and Turkey. Absolutely AMAZING holidays!" Elizabeth White
"I've done many a solo holiday across Europe and Norway this year - love it. Freedom to go when you want, where you want and do what you want when you get there." Amber Gladden
"I volunteered at a monkey sanctuary in South Africa for a week. Had a great time, met other volunteers and did a day trip out to Pretoria. I write a journal so I'm occupied even for those hours waiting around at the airports." Christine Bamforth
"I went dog sledding in East Greenland. My first holiday abroad and on my own!" Angela McLean

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