It's snow joke! Slippery Russian road causes mayhem

Despite the fact that SUVs continue to top the European new car sales charts, these chunky faux-by-fours remain broadly unprepared for proper adverse weather conditions.

Need proof? Take a look at this video clip captured outside Vladivostok in Russia, which shows numerous cars, 4x4s, trucks and vans trying but failing to tame a steep, snow-covered road.

Maybe that is a slightly harsh observation, because the Daily Mail reported heavy snowfall in the city last week had caught typically hardy motorists off guard.

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The clip starts with one large 4x4 vehicle, which looks as if it should be able to cope with such conditions, careering down the snow-laden road, with passers-by waving their arms and trying in vain to warn the driver and traffic at the bottom of the hill that a collision is imminent.

But bizarrely, more and more motorists attempt to tackle the incline, only for vehicles to pinball off parked cars and slalom their way down the road to their impending, insurance-bothering doom.

One white Toyota Prius manages to slide down the hill sideways and deftly scrub off speed before gently tapping another car at the bottom.

Although it is unclear exactly who captured the footage, the camera operator seems dedicated to that cause, as the icy carnage appears to ensue for a sustained period of time, with numerous cars and trucks coming unstuck on the difficult terrain.

Later in the video, we see the action continue long into the night, with further vehicles sliding, pirouetting and eventually crashing in a wreck at the bottom of the perilous hill.

Story by Leon Poultney

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