Business owners get revenge on thoughtless parker

A driver in Birmingham may be regretting his hasty choice of parking spot, after a local business owner took action upon finding himself blocked in.

The Toyota Yaris was left blocking the entrance to a business on Pickford Street in the centre of Birmingham. Impatient and angry, two locals spotted the dilemma and decided to take action, picking the offending vehicle up with a forklift truck and depositing it in a space across the road.

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Mechanic Raja Rahim captured the incident on camera, filming the men neatly lifting the Toyota and gently putting it back down again.

He told the Mirror: "I think it's hilarious. It's just so funny. The guy asked me if it was my car and if I could get it moved but I told him it wasn't.

"Half an hour passed then somebody just came with a forklift from the other entrance. Then they just picked it up and placed it over on the other side."

Rahim said he suspects the driver was attempting to avoid hefty parking fares in Birmingham. "We're really close to the city centre and people don't like paying for parking," he said.

"We have customers who park next to next door's shutters. We tell them not to but they do it every day.

"I didn't wait for the driver to see their reaction, but I really wanted to."

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