Dashcam footage captures terrifying moment truck smashes into an elephant on the road

Here in the UK, wildlife on our roads is pretty limited. The occasional hedgehog, a rogue pheasant, or if you're really unlucky you might hit a deer.

However, dashcam footage that's recently surfaced from Thailand shows the menace that drivers there have to contend with. It captures the hair-raising moment an elephant steps out into the path of a truck – leaving the driver with no option but to hit it.

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The driver, Utai Bitdtakreu, was driving home through Nakhon Ratchasima Province in the north-east of Bangkok, with his wife and daughter in the car. After leaving a well-lit section of highway, he entered a dark stretch of road with just his headlights to guide him.

Suddenly, an elephant ran out into his path. Left with no time to react, he could only shout as his black Isuzu pickup smashed into the elephant's flank.

As you might expect, the truck was a total write-off, but luckily the elephant wasn't. Passengers, driver and elephant all escaped with minor injuries.

Bitdtakreu said: "We were a little bit shaken up by the accident but our first thoughts were for the elephant. There are a lot of elephants that cross the road and I'm so sorry I did not see this one in time."

Kanchit Sareenpuanron, boss of the National Park the elephant belongs to, sent workers to find the elephant and give it treatment. "We receieved the call at 7:30pm and arrived at the scene quickly to help. Staff have been ordered to follow that elephant which has been injured and administer treatment."

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