Bystanders rescue pedestrian trapped under car

A CCTV camera in China has captured the moment that hero passers-by lifted a car from on top of a helpless schoolboy.

The video, captured in Yueqing County in Zhejiang Province, shows a white Mercedes turning into a car park. According to reports, the driver was looking for a parking space, and so did not see a young boy with a school bag on his back tying his shoelaces in front of her.

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The car then ran the boy over, though his schoolbag prevented the driver from completely running him over.

The driver stopped the car while she got out to check, as panicked onlookers rushed to the scene. As the crowd increased, there were soon enough people to lift the car up and pull the injured boy out from underneath.

Although he was immediately taken to hospital, the boy was not seriously injured. It's not known if any action was taken against the driver of the Mercedes.

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