Prince William takes aim at cyberbullies; asks parents to 'stop, speak, support'

Anti-bullying poster

The UK has become the first country in the world to launch a national, youth-led code of conduct for the internet - Stop, Speak, Support. Unveiled by the Duke of Cambridge, these initiatives will put the UK on the path to become the global leader in supporting young people online.

The campaign aims to help children feel empowered to question online behaviour, speak out and support their friends. Many of the young people who were part of the The Royal Foundation Taskforce that created the Code of Conduct, said they had rules and guides for every part of their life – but not online. This is the 'green cross code' for the web has been built with their input.

The Royal Foundation Taskforce has also persuaded the world's biggest social media firms to adapt their platforms to provide direct access to support when bullying strikes. Facebook and Snapchat have worked with the NSPCC to create new functions that will be trialled among 1,000 young people. If successful, The Duke hopes it can become a global blueprint.

Read the full Code of Conduct here.

Welcoming the creation of this Code of Conduct TalkTalk's MD Tristia Harrison said: "At TalkTalk we believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of being connected safely and securely. We led the way as the first ISP to launch parental controls and helped set up Internet Matters to provide information and advice to parents.

"We're proud to support the Royal Foundation's new Code of Conduct offering children and young people practical advice on how to deal with bullying online – a vitally important step in creating a civilised digital society."

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