Lamborghini gives Pope Francis his fastest popemobile yet

Usually the leader of the Catholic church travels around in an affectionately named 'popemobile' – more often than not, an SUV fitted with a platform on the rear allowing passers-by a full view of his holiness himself.

But perhaps Pope Francis' prayers for something with a bit more fizz have been answered, as Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has given him a personalised example of its amazing Huracan.

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Somewhat disappointingly though, the 572bhp mid-engined monster will not become the 80-year-old's personal transport. Instead, the pontiff is planning to auction it for charity.

RM Sotheby's will handle the sale of the car, with proceeds from the auction going towards various causes including victims of trafficking and Christians in Iraq. Though the papal connection alone will certainly add value to the vehicle, it's also been blessed and personally signed by his holiness.

Resplendent in a classy white and gold combo, the Huracan in question is a rear-drive model, making it the pick of the range for serious driving enthusiasts. In standard form, the car sells for £156,575 – but expect the holy connection to add some serious value.

It's not the first time the pope has auctioned off vehicles for charity fundraising. In 2014, he sold a Harley Davidson motorcycle he'd been given for 25 times its retail price. In his daily life, Pope Francis' wheels are famously frugal. When first elected, he eschewed expensive transport in favour of a 1980s Renault 4 hatchback.

Perhaps his holiness is simply waiting for a more appropriate vehicle to come along. Allow us to recommend him a Hyundai Genesis.

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