Car flies through the air after crash

Dashcam footage from Australia has captured a dramatic crash, where an out-of-control vehicle careers across several lanes of traffic - and flies across several more.

The video, originally posted on an Australian dashcam YouTube channel, was caught on front and rear-facing cameras mounted in a parked vehicle, which took the brunt of the collision.

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It shows a vehicle exiting the parking garage outside Warringal Private Hospital in Heidelberg, Victoria at high speed.

What went wrong thereafter is not known, but the car – a large Ford saloon – does not appear to make any steering input, and instead crosses traffic and a grassy verge before colliding with the camera vehicle.

The adventure does not end there, however. The parked car's rear-facing camera also captured the rogue vehicle catching serious air post-collision after using the camera vehicle as a makeshift ramp. It crosses another two lanes of traffic, narrowly avoiding parked cars, and eventually comes to a halt after hitting a medical centre opposite.

The owner of the crushed vehicle, Grant Fisher, said he was visiting a friend in hospital when the incident happened.

"I go out to find police, fireys [fire department] and ambulances everywhere. Luckily nobody was killed."

The 96-year old driver of the crashed vehicle was taken to hospital, where the extent of his injuries remains unknown. Fisher told reporters: "It was just a miracle that nobody was killed. He was conscious, he was in his car, he was sitting up, they hadn't removed him from the car - they were just checking on him."

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