Ferrari causes rude awakening to slumbering driver

Warning: This video contains adult language

A video of a sleeping driver receiving a wake-up call by a Ferrari 458 GT racing car has emerged online.

The driver Mark Trueno, from Australian modified car media firm Motive DVD, was catching some much-needed shut-eye after a 20 hour flight from Australia to Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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However, when his colleagues found him resting, they decided to wake him up using one of the venue's upgraded Ferrari 458 Challenge racecars, that is used for driving experiences at the circuit.

The car was silently wheeled to within inches of his head and hand. As the 4.5-litre V8 burst into life, flames spit out from the exhaust and Trueno woke with a fright and a few expletives.

On the Street FX Motorsport & Graphics Facebook page, where the video was widely circulated, Trueno said: "This is how my friends treat me after 20 hours of flying, 5 hours of driving, no sleep and an entire day in a race car. I hate my them all [sic].

"Oh, and thanks for the singed hairs on my hand."

He went on to warn the pranksters: "Mark my words, I will get you all back."

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