Serbian mechanic's home-built F1 car is now road-legal

Four years after Formula 1 enthusiast and mechanic Miso Kuzmanovic built his own incredible F1 replica, his efforts have come up trumps. The Serbian authorities have finally given Kuzmanovic authorisation to drive his car on the public roads, bringing his vision to fruition.

Kuzmanovic first got the idea to build the car when Formula 1 visited his home city of Belgrade, to promote the iconic motor-racing series. Once there, he fell in love with the sights and sounds of F1 – describing it as 'exhilarating'.

His bespoke F1-style car isn't a faithful replica, of course. For a start, it has two seats and a stereo system – not luxuries one usually finds in a racing car.

Not only that, but his bespoke build packs a 2.0-litre engine capable of just 117mph, certainly not enough to keep up with even a vintage F1 car. But on the plus side, it only cost him around 25,000 euros. Compared with the millions that an F1 vehicle costs – per race – that makes it a true bargain.

Now that Kuzmanovic's F1 replica is road-legal, he has his sights set on other creations. "I have many more ideas, and I desire to create more things," he said.

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