Arachnophobic driver pulls over in hysterics after spotting spider on her dash

Cars can often become a favoured stomping ground for spiders of all shapes and sizes – which is fine for most of us, provided no tarantulas are involved. But for one driver in Oregon, the sight of a spider on her car's dashboard was so traumatic that she had to pull over.

Luckily for her, help was close at hand to remove Incy Wincy from his new home. A local Sherriff's deputy noticed the terrified driver at the side of the road and soon had the small intruder out of the car and in police custody.

Unable to force the spider to take a roadside breath test, the deputy was forced to release it with no charges, while sending the driver on her way – arachnid-free and very grateful that her unwanted hitchhiker had been excavated.

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