Flames burst out of a manhole cover in Sheffield (video)

Warning: Video contains strong language

This dramatic videos shows flames bursting out of a manhole cover on a busy city street in Sheffield.

The flames were filmed shooting out of the drain cover outside of a Co-op store on Friday morning.

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Two streets in Sheffield city centre were closed because of the underground electrical fire.

Stefan Flint, 26, who filmed the footage, told Metro: "Me and a friend were just getting a drink from the Co-op.

"We walked passed and felt this huge wall of heat, and then obviously we saw it.

"It's pretty shocking, but it's quite a big student area around there so people were just standing back and watching with their phones."

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman told the Daily Mail: "Glossop Road in Sheffield is closed to all traffic - vehicles and pedestrians. Clark Street is also closed.

"We have officers at the scene assisting with the road closures. Please avoid the area if you can and be advised that there may be significant delays if you are travelling in that part of the city."

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