Juveniles wrongly accused of wing mirror damage

A small town in the USA has discovered the true culprit of a crime spree that saw several car mirrors being smashed.

At first it was blamed on juveniles, but after one resident caught the criminal in the act, the local police department released a statement saying they had caught the offender red handed.

It was in fact a pileated woodpecker that had been smashing all of the glass in wing mirrors across the town of Snellville in the state of Georgia.

A humorous video shows pictures of the bird shared on social media, clearly attempting to peck at a woman's wing mirror.

The cocky little bird is responsible for several cars being vandalised, though it is not known how many were damaged in total.

The local police department released a witty statement saying: "It is known that the goose and woodpecker work together to cause trouble in safe areas."

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