Neighbours call 911 over gruesome Halloween display

A creative Halloween display in Waretown, New Jersey, has gone awry after neighbours mistook it for the real thing – and phoned police. The scene, set up by Kevin and Krysten Negrotto, depicted an apocalyptic car crash – with a Toyota Supra, covered in fake blood, crashed into a tree.

The scene was set off with yellow caution tape running around the body of the car and two 'victims' – endearingly named Zombie Bob and Zombie Cindy – pinned to the tree and strewn across the ground respectively.

But the Negrottos' gruesome display hasn't been appreciated by the whole neighbourhood, and the gritty realism led several neighbours to call the emergency services, complaining that the display was inappropriate.

One neighbour, Stacey Nolan, told local TV station WPVI: "I don't like the graphicness, but some people do. So, you know, to each his own."

The couple have been shocked by the reports and negative responses. Kevin said: "It's clearly a Halloween display that you've probably seen at a hayride or any other haunted attraction before."

Krysten added: "Somebody reported it saying they didn't like it, and they did get reports of it previously, someone saying it was real. How could anybody call the cops on a Halloween display that clearly is fake?"

The couple says they don't plan on taking the display down before Halloween.

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