Video captures road rage driver nearly flattened by his own car

If you step out of your car, it's common sense to put the handbrake on and leave the gearbox in either neutral or park. However, in the throes of anger, this handy knowledge apparently deserted an Australian driver, who stepped out of his car to start an argument and found himself accosted by his own front door.

The dashcam footage shows the camera car pulling up behind a white Honda CR-V in Malabar, New South Wales. Due to the vehicle's location on a blind corner with double white lines, the camera car was unable to go around and instead honked its horn at the Honda driver.

In a fit of rage, the Honda driver stepped out of the car, forgetting in the process to apply the vehicle's handbrake or slip it into park. Instead, the errant SUV rolls backwards into the camera vehicle.

On its way backwards, the Honda's open driver-side door catches the the passenger on the back, knocking him onto the floor. Luckily, he didn't appear to suffer any major injury in the accident.

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