Watch shocking behaviour of SUV which blocks ambulance carrying sick baby

Recent video footage from the Perumbavoor region of India has captured some truly awful driving behaviour. It shows the driver of a Ford SUV repeatedly refusing to give way to a desperate ambulance behind him.

The ambulance's situation was made all the more crucial by its passenger – a newborn baby suffering a breathing problem. The SUV, which appears to be an Indian-market Ford EcoSport, remains in front of the ambulance, slowing it down during several moments in traffic.

The ambulance driver said that the SUV driver had nearly doubled the journey time. He said: "The car came in front of us from near Rajagiri hospital. The car had its hazard lights on and did not give us way even at places where it could.

"Because of this, the journey that would have normally taken me 15-20 minutes, took at least 35 minutes. That too, when the baby was in a critical condition."

Police have reportedly identified the vehicle owner as 25-year-old Mr Nirmal Jose, who has since been arrested. Police said: "He claims that he was driving pilot for the ambulance. But we don't think he is telling the truth.

"There were chances, when he could have let the ambulance go, but did not do so. We have booked him under IPC section 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way."

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