CCTV footage captures private plane landing - on a residential street

Though it may look like a scene from a movie, this crazy CCTV footage actually does show a small plane making an emergency crash-landing on a residential Florida street, hitting two cars in the process.

The video, captured in St Petersburg, Florida, shows a twin-engined Cessna 402B aircraft touching down at high speed on a four-lane residential street after an emergency meant it was unable to reach the airport. Firefighters of St Petersburg remain unclear as to why the plane came down, but credited the pilot for landing as safely as possible.

The fire department later tweeted images of the plane after its unhappy landing.

According to witnesses, the plane hit trees, power lines, and two vehicles on its way down. News reports said there was also a small burst of flames.

The footage comes from local hairdresser The Jones Barber Studio, whose CCTV cameras captured the shocking footage. Tabitha Callihan, a witness to the event, said: "Where I looked up and could see him going sideways, it was right over where the school was, and if he would've gone down over there, he would've probably hit children, because kids were getting out of school."

Luckily, neither the two passengers on the plane or anyone in the vehicles involved suffered serious injury.

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