Young racing driver wheelies in Formula 4 car

Sixteen-year-old Australian racing driver Tyler Everingham had a spectacular airborne moment at the Surfers' Paradise street circuit.

Everingham had a near-spin while qualifying for this weekend's Australian Formula 4 Championship races, and had no choice but to cross the high curbing welded to the tarmac as a chicane.

As you can see in the video below, Everingham was sent into a massive airborne moment. Fortunately, the car narrowly avoided flipping, and returned to earth in a wheelie-esque motion, grinding the back of the gearbox on the tarmac in the process.

Everingham told a pitlane reporter: "I honestly thought I was going over. I couldn't see anything, it was straight up - I never thought I was going to land."

The chicane has caught out many drivers over the years, and has had its fair share of airborne moments, but Everingham's is certainly one of the most spectacular that has been seen at the venue in many years.

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