Video captures police cars flipping suspect vehicle during chase

A shocking piece of footage captured from a stationary car shows the moment police cars disable a vehicle during a chase – by flipping it onto its roof.

The film, captured in the US state of Georgia, shows five police vehicles in pursuit of a Ford Mustang on the highway. An officer in one of the pursuing vehicles catches up to the Mustang and performs a perfect PIT manoeuvre (Pursuit Intervention Technique), shunting the offending vehicle off the highway and onto the grassy median.

The Mustang then proceeds to roll over onto its roof, scuppering any chances of further progress and allowing the officers in the remaining cars to apprehend the suspects within.

The cameraman commented: "I didn't notice the police were chasing anyone until after I started videoing. The suspect passed right next to me almost taking off my side mirror.

"Just as the suspect passed me, the Georgia State patrol car performed a PIT manoeuvre and pushed the vehicle into the median, flipping it right in front of me with perfect technique."

The suspects suffered minor injuries, and were discovered with drugs in the vehicle.

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