Dangerously-parked car booked after police checked it had not crashed

Traffic police who booked a dangerously-parked driver for blocking a busy shopping street first had to check it had not crashed.

Officers with West Midlands Police reported the owner of the black BMW 5-Series for leaving the vehicle parked at an angle, half on the pavement and half in the road.

The car driver is now facing three points and a fine for the woeful parking in Washwood Heath Road, Birmingham, on Thursday.

A photograph posted by the force's traffic unit showed the BMW, flanked by two other cars which had also been left blocking the pavement.

The other cars' registered keepers were also reported for wilful obstruction, with one, a silver Volkswagen, having been left on the pavement behind a bus shelter.

Traffic officers tweeted: "Yes that is parked its not an RTC!! Driver reported for leaving vehicle in a dangerous position on Washwood Heath Rd."

They added: "Driven away by the offender who mysteriously appeared when the officer started taking evidential pictures, but reported first."

The force is due to kick-off a joint campaign cracking down on a rash of dodgy parking in the city, next month.

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