Racecar crash sparks shocking fistfight

A pair of American stock car drivers came to blows after an on-track incident on Saturday night.

Jeffrey Swinford (black car) and Shawn Cullen (car number 33) were taking part in a figure-8 race at Indiana's Anderson Speedway, when contact between the pair left Swinford on the grass.

In the aftermath of the contact, Cullen came to a halt and Swinford followed. After some gesturing between the two, Swinford drove into and eventually onto the bonnet of Cullen's car.

Cullen, who was understandably disgruntled, climbed from his car and arrived at Swinford's driver side window.

Cullen began to take swings at Swinford while he was still in the car, before a police officer arrived on the scene to taze him. Cullen was then handcuffed and escorted away, while Swinford was also handcuffed once he left his vehicle.

The circuit's owner Rick Dawson told a local NBC station: "It is absolutely, totally dangerous. It is a 3500-pound racecar going after an individual. It's no different than a gun or a knife, or a bomb, as far as I'm concerned. It's going to have the same result if things don't go right."

Cullen was ticketed for disorderly conduct, while Swinford was charged with recklessness.

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