Revealed: The most haunted castles in England

With mysterious footsteps, cold sensations and a little boy seen holding visitors' hands without them realising, Bolsover Castle has been voted the spookiest English Heritage site.

The Derbyshire castle, built on an ancient burial ground, has topped the poll by 1,800 English Heritage staff, in which they were asked to rate the individual site they work at on a "spooky scale".

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Spooky events at the former home of William Cavendish also include muffled voices, slamming doors and being pushed, while security guards have seen unexplained lights and one woman heard a scream as she was locking up only to find no one there when she returned.

Kenilworth Castle (English Heritage/PA)Kenilworth Castle (English Heritage/PA)

Coming a close second in the spooky stakes across English Heritage's 400 castles, abbeys and historic houses is 900-year-old Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, where staff have encountered ghostly figures, an antique cot rocking by itself and the smell of pipe smoke.

And Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight, whose deep well was the tragic site of a young girl's drowning, is haunted by several figures and staff often hear the sound of children laughing in other rooms.

Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight. (English Heritage/PA)Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight (English Heritage/PA)

Lucy Hutchings, regional director at English Heritage, said: "Our sites are soaked in history and from bloody battles to dark deeds, not all of their stories are sweetness and light.

"Our castles and palaces, especially on these Halloween nights, can be eerie places and some of our team have seen and heard things they can't easily explain.

"With Halloween fast approaching, who better then to decide which site is the spookiest of them all than those people who are there from dawn to dusk, who know the sites' history and its ghostly legends inside out?"

Haunted castles for Halloween
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Haunted castles for Halloween

With an extensive past of past residents, including royal visitors and prisoners, Carisbrooke has its fair share of haunting tales. Amon its ethereal inhabitants are a ghostly figure accompanied by four tiny lap dogs, who is often spotted in the courtyard of the castle, and the disembodied face of a tragic drowning victim reputedly visible in the well water.

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Built on the site of a bloody battlefield, paranormal activity and Battle Abbey have long gone hand in hand. Many visitors claim to have seen the figure of a monk gliding through the abbey, and shadowy figures have often been spotted within the undercroft and cloisters. When it rains, the battlefield appears to be awash with blood due to iron oxide in the soil mixing with rainwater...

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A turbulent history stretching back over 2,000 years has produced plenty of spooky goings-on at one of England’s most haunted castles. Look out for a mysterious lady in red and the tragic figure of a Napoleonic drummer boy  - just two of the spirits who roam within the walls of Dover Castle, while the labyrinth of underground tunnels provides numerous strange sightings and sounds.

Halloween happenings: The castle is running a Haunted Castle event every day during half term.

This magnificent building is the former home of Sir Charles Cavendish, and some say that ghost of the owner still likes to wander the halls of his restored fantasy mansion. Visitors and staff at Bolsover Castle have also reported the distinct aroma of horses in the empty former riding school, and experienced mysterious pinches or slaps from unseen hands.

Halloween happenings: Bolsover is giving visitors the chance to explore the castle at night on Fridays and Saturdays during half term, with the chance to wander the castle by torchlight and look for signs of previous residents…

A long history of military residence, siege and assault has left its mark on Carlisle Castle, where gruesome discoveries await and unexplained happenings often occur. A Grey Lady and the ghostly apparitions of various soldiers who have inhabited the castle through the centuries are among the spirits who appear to those who brave this fortress.

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They say that the sound of horses' hooves can regularly be heard at this coastal castle, allegedly a legacy from when occupants were forced to slaughter their horses for food during Civil War siege. The sound of furniture being moved in an upstairs room has also been reported, and workmen once spotted a woman walking across Pendennis Castle when it was closed, only to find that she had then disappeared.

Halloween happenings: Spooky trails and ghost hunting adventures are taking place throughout the week of half term, as well as spooky tours.

As the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, it's no surprise that these evocative gothic ruins contain their fair share of ghost stories. A coach pulled by headless horses has been seen travelling through Whitby Abbey before plunging off a nearby clifftop, and rumour has it that the abbey’s founder, St Hild, can sometimes be seen appearing in the upper windows of the ruins.

Halloween happenings: The abbey will be illuminated with coloured floodlighting from Wednesday 26 October until Saturday 29 October. You'll also get the chance to meet costumed characters and hear their gruesome tales.

This spectacular ruin once played host to many extravagant parties – and no-one is entirely sure that all the guests have gone home. Visitors at Witley Court have commented to staff about a gentleman peering out of an upstairs window, despite there being no floors, and the empty ballroom often echoes with the haunting music of a string quartet.

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If you take a tour at Eltham Palace, be sure to check that your guide is among the living… it is said the spirit of a former guide sometimes takes groups for a walk around the grounds. Watch out for a royal encounter too – the Art Deco palace was built around Henry VIII’s boyhood home and regular visitors believe his presence still lingers.

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