Volkswagen Kombi still runs despite being crushed by tree

Most people would probably scrap their car if it had been crushed by a falling tree. Not this person, though.

A heavy storm in Rio Negrinho in the north of Santa Catarina in Brazil brought a tree down that crushed the middle of this Volkswagen Kombi.

Amazingly, the van still works, albeit requiring a lot of revs to get it moving. It even wheelspins due to the heavy acceleration needed to get it moving.

The van was driveable (just) and it was able to get to a garage – although whether or not it will end up being repaired, we are not sure.

The Kombi is a post-2005 water-cooled Type 2 bus, that amazingly was produced in Brazil until 2013.

At the end of the video, a man can be seen climbing out of the front window – which must have been smashed during the incident.
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