Now you can play Tetris on your car dashboard - if you're Russian

Bored of eye spy or counting the yellow cars? Good news! A trick has recently been revealed which allows you to play the classic brick-stacking game Tetris on your car dashboard. There is a catch, though – you'll have to live in Russia to do it.

The video, with voiceover in Russian, describes the procedure necessary to get the game displayed on the van's central dashboard screen. It seems limited to Russian-made GAZelle Next vans and trucks, but you can bet we'll be trying it on our own vehicles soon.

Translated, the process appears to be: Turn the ignition on, start the car, then activate the right indicator three times. Click the trip computer reset twice, then push the clutch five times. Finally, rev the vehicle to 2,000rpm while turning on the left indicator.

Though small, the game certainly appears to work, and even has a cheery soundtrack which plays towards the end of the video. It's operated by the trip computer stalks.

So-called Easter Eggs aren't limited to obscure Russian trucks. Owners of Tesla electric cars can access several – including virtually turning their car into a copy of James Bond's Lotus submarine or driving on 'Rainbow Road' from the Mario Kart video game series.

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