Dover sole jumps down fisherman's throat

Man swallows fish

A fisherman almost choked to death when a Dover sole he caught jumped down his throat in Bournemouth.

Sam Quilliam was fishing on Boscombe Pier and reeled in the six-inch fish before trying to kiss it. But the fish wriggled out of his hand and leaped into his mouth.

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The 28-year-old stopped breathing for three minutes and suffered a cardiac arrest, the BBC reports.

Medics managed to get him breathing after six attempts to remove the fish.

Speaking to The Sun, Quilliam said: "I picked it up off the floor, went to give it a kiss before I threw it back and it literally, imagine you squeeze a bar of soap, it shot out of my hand into my mouth and basically swam down my throat.

"I ran around like a headless chicken and then collapsed."

He added that he attempted to kiss the fish after watching an Australia show, where skippers did this before putting them back in the water.

Ambulance worker Matt Harrison told the BBC: "I was acutely aware that I only had one attempt at getting this right as if I lost grip or a piece broke off and it slid further out of sight then there was nothing more that we could have done to retrieve the obstruction."

He said it was the "most bizarre" call-out he'd ever attended.


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