Video captures man running over the top of £315,000 Lamborghini

A San Francisco supercar owner got a major shock earlier this week, as a pedestrian ran over the top of his Lamborghini Aventador SV while stationary in traffic. The unnamed man, wearing a tracksuit and backpack, barely broke his stride as he ran up the supercar's bonnet and across its roof.

The footage was initially posted to Instagram and has since surfaced elsewhere. Initially, the man ran away before he could be caught, but perhaps in an ill-advised bout of overconfidence decided to return for a second run in the other direction.

When he returned, the supercar's owner managed to grab the man around the waist and threw him to the floor, shouting as he did so.

Onlookers encouraged the Lamborghini owner to drive away, but he continued yelling at the man, saying "You're lucky I don't f**king kill you right now...". As the pair argued, the runner stood up, before the two descended into a fight which left the young man unconscious on the ground.

The Lamborghini Aventador SV in question retails for £315,000 in the UK, and damage repairs to its sophisticated carbon fibre construction could cost tens of thousands of pounds the runner had damaged it.

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