The biggest driving distractions may be the ones that are entirely legal

You probably think that talking or texting on your mobile phone may be the most distracting thing you can do when you are driving – but this may not be the case.

Researchers have found that performing entirely legal tasks when driving may actually serve as more of a distraction than those that are illegal.

The University of Utah investigated the worse distractions when driving and found that using a sat nav while driving was actually the greatest distraction for motorists.

As in-car technology continues to get more and more advanced - and ironically aims to stop people picking up their phones when behind the wheel – it may serve as an even greater danger for motorists.

Joel Cooper, a researcher and associate professor at the University of Utah, said: "We're really moving in the wrong direction with a lot of this technology."

The university asked 120 drivers to perform four simple tasks – calling, texting, tuning a radio and programming a navigation – on 30 different cars to test, and found that using a built-in distraction may pose as the greatest distraction. Twenty-three of the cars' systems were found to demand high levels of attention, while the other seven were described as "moderate".

A study by the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety has previously found that using a voice based or touchscreen can take your eyes off the road formore than 24 seconds while setting up a sat nav can distract you for up to a shocking 40 seconds.
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