Runaway car forces drivers to flee out of the way

Footage has captured a runaway car forcing drivers to move out of the way at a junction in Australia.

A Lexus CT had managed to roll away after its driver had got out in a reported road rage incident.

In the video you can see drivers on the highway erratically reversing and manoeuvring out of the way of the runaway car. The driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee has to go on the footpath in order to avoid the Lexus hitting it.

The runaway car then mounts a kerb before coming to a stop on some grass with its helpless owner running after the brown hatchback.

The incident happened on October 4 at a junction in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

NT News reported that the owner had got out of the car in a road rage incident, but had forgotten to put the handbrake on his car.

Sam Wright who recorded the footage told NT News: "The incident started with someone abusing the guy in the Lexus through the car window – holding up traffic."
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