New footage shows carjackers opening fire at police

Though it may look like a scene from a Grand Theft Auto video game, this footage actually shows two fugitives firing at officers and stealing a car in Brisbane, Australia.

While the events occurred in February 2015, video has only recently emerged of the incident, which reportedly involved a four-hour pursuit, several stolen cars and shots being fired. It was reported by 9NEWS of Australia.

Police said they first approached a stolen Holden, which then drove at officers, leaving one with a broken ankle. That car was brought to a halt by road spikes, at which point the men stole another car at gunpoint and continued their journey.

While being tracked by a helicopter, the pair finally stole a third car and headed south, zigzagging through traffic at speeds approaching 100mph.

Though shots were fired, police reported nobody was injured.

The final car was stopped at around 2:30pm and the men were arrested. They will be sentenced next month, having pleaded guilty to multiple charges.

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