Watch police car pull out on learner driver

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a police car pulled out in front of a learner driver in Leeds.

The learner was on a driving lesson when a Peugeot 308 police car failed to give way to the driving instructor's car or even look at the approaching learner vehicle.

The video was posted online by driving instructor Martin Donaldson, who has also taken his anger out on Twitter at the police car driver's careless driving.

Martin has since received a call from West Yorkshire Police (WYP) with a direct apology from the driver.

He said: "After sending this to WYP I received a personal call from the officer who was driving to apologise for it, which was the right thing to do so thanks to him for that."

The encounter happened on September 27 on Burley Street in the city centre of Leeds.
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