Is this really what the Australian space agency is called?

Our friends down under are getting their own space agency.

Like a lot of other countries, Australia's new agency is sure to rock some cool acronym for its name.

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But this time around, social media users have spotted a golden naming opportunity.

The Australian Research & Space Exploration, or 'arse' for short.

What probably started as a quick photoshop gag has blown up into a full campaign. So is this the real deal? That's what a lot of us are asking.

ARSE has its own website, along with Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can even get your own arse tshirt if you love the name so much.

But here's the catch. There's no signs anywhere that the Australian government is backing this project.

But real or not, we're all getting a good laugh out of it. And good luck to Australia if they think they can make a name nearly as good as this.

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