Duchess of Kent advertises for new royal driver

The Duke and Duchess of Kent leave Westminster Abbey

Are you an Uber driver in London? Fearing for your job? Luckily for you, a new position has opened up that could be just the ticket. You'll be paid a decent wage, you'll travel a lot, and you may even be given the keys to something more regal than the standard-issue Uber Toyota Prius.

What is the job? It's a position as a personal driver for the Duke and Duchess of Kent.
The 81-year-old Duke and 84-year-old Duchess have both retired from public duties, but still need to get out and about – and are advertising a £24,000 a year position as their personal driver.

The job advert asks for an experienced driver on a fixed contract who would ferry the Duke and Duchess to their official duties and, to an extent, their own private engagements.
Knowledge of roads and routes in London is essential, as is the same knowledge of the Home Counties – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

The Duke and Duchess have retired from public duties to a large extent, and while the Duke still goes by 'His Royal Highness', the Duchess prefers the title of Katherine Kent.

There's been no word on what car you'll be expected to pilot in the line of duty, but the pair are often snapped in a Jaguar XJ, Range Rover, or Bentley. It's fair to assume that you won't be playing chauffeur in a Ford Mondeo, at any rate.

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